Letting Go of…People that Suck

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I have heard that writing in a blog should almost be like keeping a journal. You should open yourself up because it helps people to connect with you. Give people advice and be an expert in what you know! Ok, while I do appreciate that part of blogging, tonight  I find myself using this post as a release. So be warned, this is a very personal post reflecting something that I struggle greatly in.

Today almost comes as a cruel joke. A test in how serious I am about my 2018 goals.

Let me preface with this…

Last night during our monthly HellaBella Huddle via video conference, we ran a very important exercise. This exercise had all of us reflecting on 2017 and setting goals for 2018. Amy and I did this exercise last week and found it extremely beneficial and wanted to share it with our Bellas. So we did! This was one of the things to reflect on…

Name three things you need to let go of in 2018…

I had my three things listed but only shared one as our clients wrote their own answers. Which one did I share you ask?

My number one answer: “People that suck.”

Let me explain. You know those people that always say they truly care about others and helping others at full capacity but they are usually in it to make money and masking it with the “touchy feelies”? Yeah, that’s not me. I truly and deeply care for people. Not even just people I know and love. People that are strangers, people I don’t even know. I don’t know why exactly, but I have always felt like it’s my life’s purpose to love on people and help them with everything I have. If they have a need, I try to fill it. I’m not trying to tell you I’m Mother Teresa. I’m just being completely honest about who I am. I have always felt that if you have the capability to help, then you should. If you have the money to give, then give. If you have the knowledge to provide, then provide it. If you have more than you need, give it to those that don’t. Giving and offering who I am to people, is how I show them I love them and truly care about them. I genuinely and truly need to help people to feel like I have a valid place in this world and I matter. It’s my purpose. This doesn’t mean it’s healthy, it’s just who I am.

Now this is where I go very wrong. While my heart is open and ready to give to others, this also means it is wide open for those who could just suck me completely dry and not even give a damn. So as you may have guessed, this happens today. I truly give as much as I can to help someone. I give to them in every way I can. I get excited because I know I can help them with their health and wellness. They are so severely overweight that it is dangerous and life-threatening. As Amy and I develop a plan, we are feeling so good about presenting this plan and change their life. No sooner do we give what we have, that we get slapped in the face with incredibly mean and hurtful comments about how we could be doing more. I feel like a child that has been discipled severely but doesn’t understand what they did. I’m confused. What happened? What could I have done better? Why is she being so mean and hurtful? My heart drops and I find myself recoiling into a dark and saddened place. How could I let someone I don’t even know cause so much uncertainty within myself?

Unfortunately, this is not a foreign feeling to me. I honestly don’t understand mean people. My brain and heart cannot wrap around it. I try so hard to understand by saying things to myself like…

  • They are unhappy, Kelsey. Give them a break.
  • You have a good heart, Kels. Stay true to that.
  • They need a punching bag, Kelsey. It’s not you, it’s them.
  • They are not like you Kelsey and you can’t control that.
  • Some people just take and they don’t care who they hurt. Let it go.
  • They don’t deserve your energy or time if this is how they treat you, Kels.

I say these things to myself every time this happens but I still feel sad and deflated for much longer than I should. This is something I am working on within myself. I know I can’t invest my feelings into people that suck me dry, so why do I let it bother me so much? Why do I let these people that I don’t even know, hurt me and make me question myself and my own intent and heart? Why do I let it slip into my home and my role within my own family?

To be honest, I don’t have an answer to these questions. What I do know, is that I need to reflect on this and make this even more of a focus in 2018. My husband and children are amazing. They know I wear my heart on my sleeve and they know when I need a hug and encouragement. They all snuggled the heck out of me tonight with kind words and kisses. My bestie gave me great advice that I need to get framed and pasted on my forward. She said, “Will this matter in 10 minutes? Will this matter in 10 days? Will this matter in 10 years?” If the answer is “no” to any of those, cope with the situation and move on.

I am now publicly expressing…this is my ultimate goal for 2018!  Invest in those that truly matter and are happy to receive my support and attention. Let go of those who don’t. It’s that simple.

If anyone out there has suggested books to read, articles to check out or anything that is of value in this category, I am all ears! I am starting this self-love project right now and won’t look back until I have bettered myself in 2018. Thanks for listening and good luck to you with your 2018 goals as well. Let’s keep each other posted on our progress!



The Best Part of Waking Up…

Do you have that ONE meal that you could eat over and over again and still be happy? Is this meal a healthy meal that you feel good about making and eating every day? I was inspired to write this post the other day when one of our clients requested this recipe again. It was quite a popular recipe when we first introduced it a year ago and I eat it all the time, so I just didn’t think about it. Yes, it’s healthy but don’t think that I don’t love the euphoric feeling many naughty little breakfast foods can bring.

Maybe I should rewind just a minute so you know I am a normal human who likes ridiculously fun breakfast foods! Also, if you don’t know me well yet, I grew up loving all the food in the world and didn’t even know what calories and macronutrients were. If you would have asked me, I would have told you they were on the periodic table somewhere next to sodium and hydrogen. That’s salt and water right? Totally has to do with food.

So let me preface my imaginary binge eating that is about to take place with a small background of who I WAS….

I am a small person of barely over 5 feet and 5 inches. I have small bones and a little frame. Sounds pretty good right? Now let’s flashback to my childhood, adolescent and young adult life. Revisiting the chapters before I started a family at 24 years old. Kelsey (third person, sure ok) was 198 pounds! That’s about 70 pounds more that what I weigh typically, remember I am currently 9 months pregnant soooo…..

I was that super uncool kid in school that was crazy insecure about how I looked and carried myself. People made fun of me and teased me, just to make others around them laugh. Kids can be such assholes! I tell my kids, if I ever hear of any kids of unkindness they bring to another child, we are going over to their house, apologizing profusely, making their family dinner and playing games with them all night until they can see they are normal kids too. Then the rest of the week we are heading to volunteer our time in the children’s hospital where kids aren’t as lucky as they are. Needless to say, my kids are well behaved and very sensitive to the feelings and needs of others. Damn right! I have amazing children, I really do.

Ok, let’s go back to fantasy world where I get to eat everything and you get to see how ridiculous my food imagination can be…This is when I channel that young lady who doesn’t know about calories and eats whatever she wants to fulfill the emotional holes in her life….You know we all do this as humans, don’t lie.

So here are my breakfast fantasy foods…

French Toast? HELL YES! The more obnoxious, the better! Have you heard of this french toast that is batter dipped and coated in your favorite cereal before frying?! This is a thing I need to eat…right after a crazy leg day where I just killed it on weights and reps so my body actually USES the french toast as fuel instead of going straight to my ass (and not in a good way, thank you very much).

Big Ol’Cheesy Bacon Omelette? YUP! These are a little trickier to justify because the fat content is through the roof! So if we take out the fact that they are a zillion calories and more than half are fat calories, I’m IN! Can we talk about the side of hash browns?! Don’t give me half-done, soggy, barely defrosted hash browns. I need those little suckers to be crispy and salty if I am going got invest my calorie intake in them. Ketchup can only do so much!

Perfect Pancakes? YES PLEASE! Let’s be real, there are bad pancakes and perfect pancakes. You know what I’m talkin’ about, right?  Bad pancakes are those that have no variance in texture. They are the same dense consistency in the middle as they are on the edges, BLAH! Perfect pancakes are the cakes that have that little bit of bitter buttermilk flavor, have huge fluffy air pockets throughout and have been crisped on the edges so you have a bit of crunch! And yes, soak those puppies in syrup and butter and I’m game….after crazy leg day….in moderation and having portion control. Damn this nutritional mind sometimes.

Ok, fast forward….Kelsey has a family, realizes she can’t be unhealthy for her children, takes health and fitness seriously, becomes a personal trainer and sets out to learns as much as humanly possible, then becomes Wonder Woman! Ok, the last one isn’t exactly what happened but sometimes I feel that way.

Now I know, breakfast is crazy important! I can’t spend all my calories on one meal and risk that crazy insulin spike, throw my body into fat storing mode, transform all that extra “energy” from excessive food into fat stores and watch my muscles get locked in a choke hold. No thanks! You’re welcome Fitness Fairies, you’re welcome!

I have found my favorite breakfast in the world! Well, really I have two but I’m sharing one today for the sake of word count and your time.

Drumroll please…


The Kelsey Scramble! 

(No I don’t have a cool name for this) I made it up as my favorite breakfast and didn’t think about a fancy introduction. I am certainly open to suggestions!

This is a yummy savory breakfast that has the perfect calorie and macro profile for your morning. The protein is perfect, carbs are on point and contains the healthy fat you need. Not to mention the micronutrients are a huge feature in this recipe! So here it is…Makes five servings!


  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 pound Isernio’s Chicken Breakfast Sausage
  • 1.5 pound Yukon Gold Potatoes, diced small
  • 1 to 2 red bell peppers, sliced
  • 1 small yellow onion, sliced
  • 2 tbsp minced garlic
  • 2 cups chopped spinach
  • 5 whole eggs (1 over easy per scramble)
  • salt and pepper
  • cajun seasoning

In medium saute pan over medium-high add olive oil, heat then add diced gold potatoes, salt and pepper and cajun seasoning to taste. I don’t like mine super spicy so I am pretty light-handed with these. Brown potatoes until your desired crispiness.

Meanwhile, in separate medium saute pan, add bell peppers, onions and garlic and cook until softened and onions are translucent. Once cooked, add chicken sausage and cook thoroughly breaking up the meat as you go. Lastly, add your spinach and cook long enough to barely wilt in pan. Turn off heat!

In small saute pan, cook eggs over easy, one per scramble.

Assembling your masterpiece is easy. I like to keep my carbs and proteins separate so I can control the portions! Place 1/5 of the potatoes on the bottom of your dish, top with 1/5 of the veggie and sausage combo, then finish with your egg over easy with a sprinkling of parsley or cajun seasoning! Enjoy!

I like mine with a small side of berries (1/3 cup) to round out the nutritional value and add just a touch more carbs.

Nutritional Info

  • Calories 274
  • Protein 24 grams
  • Carbs 22
  • Fat 9

I hope you enjoyed my magical ride through breakfast Lala Land! We ended the imaginary binge eating with an amazingly healthy AND delicious breakfast option! So get after it!



Creating Your Utopia!

I want to take the time on this magical and relaxing Sunday to talk about finding small things that make your heart happy. Let me paint you a picture, a short story, a little Kelsey fairytale…

I’m at the beach with my family on an amazing summer day! We are taking a slow walk down the boardwalk when we walk past a cute little boutique. The kind of boutique that carries one of a kind, incredibly special and unique items. The kind of items the delightful and charming owner chooses because the item spoke to them and they just HAD to carry it in their boutique. It’s these kind of shops that I HAVE to stroll through with careful attention to every item and detail. I look at my husband and smile. He smiles back and follows me as I turn on my heel and head into the shop. The kiddos have no choice but to follow. They know their mom well enough to know that it’s time to be polite and quiet as she enters her “happy place”. They quietly hope a sweet and tasty reward will follow their kind obedience. I smile at the owner who greets me warmly and begin my slow and careful walk through the store. My gaze falls on white platters, delicately painted pottery, small antique goblets and hand-made greeting cards. I spend way too much time staring at the craftsmanship of each item, paying homage to it’s creator. Then I stop, I come across a beautiful pearlized white bowl with scalloped edges. I have never seen anything quite like it and my heart is singing! I pick it up and touch the scallops as I fold through my mind where I could place this work of art in my home. I hold it close and look up at Sam. He grins and says, “do you love it?” I nod slowly as I grip the bowl closer to my chest like a child who just got a new teddy bear. This reaction confirms his suspicion that this perfect little bowl was coming home with us.

I love these moments. They warm my heart and make me smile with complete elation. Knowing that I get to take this little thing home, place it in a special spot gives me incredible satisfaction. These moments make me feel like a better wife and mother. I’m like a little mama bird who goes out into the world to find little sticks and fluff to bring back to the home to make it more comfortable for her family. For me, this is one very important way I show love to my family. I want them to WANT to spend time together in our home. I want my husband to be proud of the home we work hard for. I want my children to know their mommy loves them so much because their home is cozy and welcoming.

I am a HUGE advocate in finding small things that make you truly happy in building a peaceful and tranquil home environment. When you come home from work, you should feel like you are walking into your own Utopia that has been built by you! Your home should give you peace and satisfaction every time you walk in.

Let’s be honest, work days are filled with people who demand the world from you. Sometimes it feels as though the only way to get them off your back is by ripping your heart out of your chest and offering it to them on a silver platter. Okay, slight exaggeration maybe but you get what I’m saying. Work can be so incredible stressful! You have a ton of deadlines! You have people to answer to for these deadlines! And you have crazy ass co-workers that won’t freakin’ shut-up when you are just trying to get things done so you can mark just ONE thing off your to-do list! Work is hard! Oftentimes, you cannot control these circumstances.

What you can control, is your home. Look around your home after reading this post and identify those items that you truly love. Clear off your kitchen table and assemble your favorite things. Don’t just place them on the table. Stage these items in a fun and artistic way before taking a snapshot of them. Use this photo as inspiration to building a home that you are truly in love with. Blow it up, frame it and hang it somewhere to remind you of your project of creating your Utopia at home. Call it, your “Home Inspiration Board”. Purge those things you don’t love or are indifferent to. Be a good citizen and donate them! Then slowly collect items that make your heart sing like those on your “Home Inspiration Board”. Soon everywhere you look, you will feel complete joy in what you are creating. Trust me. It works.

The goal? Your own personal Utopia.




So You Don’t Eat Following a Grueling Workout?

Well, congratulations! You have once again slaughtered your Fitness Fairies (yes, capitalizing because they are now proper nouns in my world) and even taken out their Homeland with a mass airstrike. Epic fail! Furthermore, you have now surpassed the Fairy Homeland destruction and are now self-destructing your OWN Homeland, your body!


Obviously, I am going to explain all of this so you can make better strides for your fitness goals! When you put your body through in an intense workout…

Wait define intense, Kelsey please….

This can be very subjective, however there are a few things you should be looking for when hitting your workout to call it intense.

  • Did you heart rate climb above 75-80%?
  • Did you experience muscle fatigue during lifting session or cardio session?
  • Did you rock out an awesome sweat? (Some of you don’t sweat, that’s crazy to me!)
  • Did you give your workout all you had?

Ok, now that we have an understanding of how intense your workouts are, we can talk about what happens AFTER an intense workout.

You have completely depleted the glycogen stores in your muscles and your liver. Please see previous blog post  Should I Workout on an Empty Stomach? You have also done some serious damage to your muscles and they are now suseptical to catabolism!

  • Side note: The serious damage I am referring to is a GOOD THING because it forces your body to repair the damage by building back stronger and better. Well, only as long as you read this article and take your post-workout meal seriously. 

After your workout, all of your beautiful little Fitness Fairies are exhausted and passed out (as you should feel after a workout). Without the magic potions they need (post-workout meal), they are now turning into Zombie Gremlins in your body. They are ready to eat anything and everything! Lucky for us (sense the sarcastic tone) their favorite meal is the most nutrient dense meal in your body, your muscle! BAD BAD BAD! Now….What about that magic potion? A potion that could transform those little bastards back into your badass magical Fitness Fairies? Well, lucky for you, there is!  Before the Gremlins can do too much damage to your body, you guzzle down a protein shake and bite through a big ol’ shiny apple (not poisonous like most fairytales). The simple carbohydrates from the juicy apple shoot straight into those Gremlins and your fabulous buff Fairies are revived with the energy to take on the world! The lean protein from your shake, arms your Fairies with the protection they need to ward off additional offenses against your muscles!

So, the moral of the story is…. YES! You need to eat immediately following your workout, within 30 minutes. After that, those fairies start to sprout warts and green hair as they slowly transform into ugly little beasts. Just like a pre-workout meal, your post-workout meal should contain lean protein (little to no fat) and a simple carbohydrate (little to no fiber).

Awesome examples…

  • Protein Shake and Apple/Banana
  • Egg Whites and slice of toast with jam (no butter)
  • White fish or shrimp and potatoes
  • Low-fat Greek Yogurt and berries

Bad examples…

  • Prime rib and metamucil! HA! Sorry that’s weird.

Final thoughts? Get your body what it needs to protect your muscle from entering a catabolic state and begin the growth and recovery process, aka protein synthesis, aka lean and sexy. Which let’s be real, is exactly WHY we workout! Not only are you protecting your muscle with your protein source but you are also adding the amazing benefits of additional fat burning by giving your body the carbs it needs to replace the glycogen stores, to continue your body through a long fat burning state and give you energy!

  • Another sidenote: Your body doesn’t reach full potential in fat burning until about two hours AFTER your workout! If it doesn’t have what it needs in order to get there (post-workout meal), then it may never get there!

In case I haven’t pounded this topic into your head enough….I am going to make it even more plain! Without proper nutrition and timing of that nutrition with your Post-workout meal, you are WASTING A PERFECTLY GOOD WORKOUT! Yes, it’s true! By not eating right after your workout, you are willing transforming your incredibly fab fairies into creepy awful little gremlins, never to make progress towards the body you really want. Got it? GOOD!



PS. See the Share button under here? Please share if this fairytale helped you. Let’s spread the love and help other as well 🙂 I mean, we are all basically Super Heroes!

2018 New Year Goals! My spin…

Did you know that only 8% of people actually keep their New Years Resolution. I mean, that can’t be super surprising, right? That means 92% of the you that are reading this blog post have not kept your New Years Resolution in the past. Do we know WHY that is?

Here is my thoughts on a New Years Resolution….

  • If you have to wait for one event each year to make a big change, the you really aren’t that interested in making a big change. Change comes when urgency is there! When the pain of your current circumstance overcomes the pain of what it means to make a change, that’s when your mind is made up to keep a resolution.
  • A New Years Resolution should have steps! Choose something small that you know you can accomplish in a shorter amount of time. So instead of, “This year, I want to lose 100 pounds!” Choose something like, “This week, I am going to get active and lose 2 pounds.” Upon winning the week, make a new resolution and shoot for that! We all love victories! Grab those victories one by one in smaller increments to build your confidence in keeping a long-term resolution.
  • Share your Resolution and even convince someone to walk the path with you! We are humans who like to be with other humans. I mean, for the most part you have someone in your life you enjoy being around. Don’t pretend to be a hater who doesn’t like anyone. That’s weird. Ask one of these awesome people to conquer your resolution with you! You wanna lose 2 pounds in one week? Great! A lot of people would love to lose 2 pounds in a week. Get out there and be vocal about what you want. You need support!
  • Blow it up all over social media! Why the heck not?! I’ll be the first to admit, I am not a huge fan of social media. I force myself to engage in social media because it’s good for my clients, my family and I want to inspire people. I am not saying I don’t LIKE social media, I’m just saying it’s not my strong suit. So here’s my thought for you….grab your Resolution and shout it out! You never know who you would inspire to do the same thing. Aren’t we all put on this Earth to love and support one another? I think so! So let it be known that you have a plan, let it be known that you have succeeded and let it be known that you are kicking ass at life. Who else is going to toot your horn if you don’t. We have been trained to not seem arrogant. Great, but have we also been trained to not have self-confidence or a healthy self-esteem? We need to change this mentality, as a society. Let’s congratulate ourselves! Let’s congratulate each other! It’s not a time to compete with your neighbor, it’s a time to focus on being a better you so you can help your neighbor.

So you need some ideas on a great New Years Resolution? There are so many out there so I am going to touch on a couple common ones…

Get Organized

  1. Get a planner you LOVE! I recently bought the Commit30 Planner and I adore it! It makes me want to open it, use it and get even more organized. Find one you love and use it every day to create the habit.
  2. Choose one home project each week to tackle and get it done. It’s just one project! Soon, you will have everything done and feel so much pride in your home that you keep it that way.

Quit Smoking or Drinking

  1. My best advice here is to get a support group and build the support system around you with those who love you. If you are in a constant flurry of individuals with the same unhealthy habits as you, you will undoubtedly fall back into the spiral of your bad habit. Find your moment of strength and sign up for a support group and step away from those who pull you back into bad habits OR get them onboard with you!
  2. Get rid of your temptations and keep them away from you. If you have it in the house, you will find them in your moment of weakness and game over. Again, in those moments of strong will and determination, get rid of the alcohol or your smokes and stay away from them at all costs.

Lose weight/Diet/Exercise: Of course I had to save this one for last! This is my jam, right here!

  1. Remember to choose a short term goal and attack another goal as soon as you’ve conquered that one. Start with a challenge you can conquer for one week! Don’t know where to start? Well, now you have me! We have a 5 Day Detox Challenge that we run to get people quick results and get them feeling awesome FAST! It’s the perfect jumpstart to a New Years Resolution because it doesn’t ask for a lot of commitment and it comes with an insane amount of community support. We currently have over 50 people signed up for the Challenge and it starts on Monday the 8th. Ready to lose 2-5 pounds in a week and flush out your system? Click here https://www.vimify.com/t2zkf
  2. Empty out your kitchen of all the junk food! Same rules apply here…If it’s there, it will tempt you and you will eat it at your weakest moments. Just get rid of it by donating it, taking it to work or simply throwing it away. Then hit the grocery store with a plan of grabbing clean whole foods.
  3. Get moving! Moving for just 20 minutes a day has incredible health benefits! Whether you are a beginner or a pro with exercise, make a plan to move at least 20 minutes every day. Just this strategy can do wonders for your heart, your brain, your lungs, decrease so many health risks and result in weight loss.

Need more ideas on how to conquer this year? Contact me! I can help!

Contact Honestly, Kelsey

Finally Mastered My Sweet and Smoky Chili Recipe!

So I have been making this chili for the last 8 years and it’s my favorite meal item to have on hand in the refrigerator. My husband loves it, my kids are all about it and it’s the perfect macro friendly lunch or dinner for me! It has an amazing smoky flavor with a touch of sweetness, which I love! You are always welcome to add additional spice if desired or even take away the sweet ingredients if that’s not your jam either! Cooking is amazing because you can alter the ingredients to make it your own. Have fun with it!

I’m a big believer in prepping your food for the week in order to be successful with your nutrition. Food prep doesn’t have to happen on any specific day! All you need to do is buy extra ingredients, find a healthy recipe you want for dinner and make it in bulk! You are already putting in the time and energy into making dinner for your family, so why not make it worth while by making enough for a few days or even the week! Give yourself a break and spend the time to invest in your health goals by being prepared! With that being said, I have tripled my recipe so you have 12 SERVINGS in this chili recipe. Let’s be real, we are a family of four, almost five! So the idea of having 8 additional servings post-dinner makes me incredibly happy. Now I have no excuse but to have a great week with my nutrition and it didn’t take any additional time! Imagine just adding one more recipe to to party and having 16 servings to get through your week. Yep! You just have to spend the time to plan and prep the meals. No excuses!


Sweet and Smoky Chili

12 servings!


  • 3 pounds lean ground beef
  • 2 medium yellow onions, diced small
  • 2 red or orange bell peppers, diced small
  • 2 tbsp garlic, minced
  • 1 tbsp garlic salt
  • 3 tbsp smoked paprika
  • 1/3 cup chili powder
  • 3 tbsp cumin
  • 2 tbsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tbsp oregano
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened dark cocoa powder
  • 1/3 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 2 large cans crushed tomatoes (28 ounce cans)
  • 1 1/2 cups water

Garnish (if desired)

  • Avocado
  • Sharp cheddar cheese
  • Sour cream
  • Green onions

*I choose one or two garnishes to add to my chili bowl depending on how much additional fat I may need to hit my macronutrients for the day. Today, I was having a dairy craving so I opted for 1 tbsp light sour cream and 1 tbsp sharp cheddar. I even added 1/3 cup of diced sweet potatoes on top so I could hit my carbohydrate counts! Not sure what the heck I’m talking about? Everyone has the perfect amount of macros (protein, carbs and fats) they need every day in order to make progress towards their fitness/weight loss goals. If you don’t know your counts, you really should! Contact me for help 🙂

Contact Kelsey for help!



Heat large sauce pan on medium-high, add ground beef and brown until cooked breaking up beef as it cooks. Drain fat from beef by pouring into strainer in your sink. Spray hot water over beef to rid more fat from beef (yes, this is a trainer secret). Set aside.

Add diced onion, bell pepper, garlic and garlic salt into a large pot under medium heat. Stir until veggies soften and onions begin to become translucent. Add ground beef and all other ingredients and stir until combined. Set heat to medium low and allow to simmer for 20-45 minutes. The longer it simmered, the more the spices merge together for the best flavor.

Nutritional Info per servings (no garnish)

  • Calories 305
  • Protein 27.5 gram
  • Carbohydrates 21 grams
  • Fat 10.5 grams

*For the sake of the general public, I added all ingredients in order to get the nutritional value of each serving. However, I do not typically count veggies towards my macros for the day because my body burns more energy digesting them than the calories they offer. If you are a HellaBella Athletics member, please see nutritional info below for your counts according to the HB rules.

HellaBella Nutritional Info

  • Calories 260
  • Protein 25
  • Carbohydrates 11
  • Fat 10

*According to these counts, you will see why I added the sweet potatoes and a bit of fat. I needed more of each in order to get what I needed for the meal and the day.


Should I Workout on an Empty Stomach?

Oats and Fruit.jpg

Holy crap, I get this ALL THE TIME! Every time I hear this question, I swear a fitness little fairy dies in a far away magical land. So it wouldn’t be an Honestly Kelsey post if I didn’t just come out and give it to you straight…

NO! The answer is HELL NO! Please forgive the little side journeys I take in this post. It will all come back together, I promise!

First let’s talk cardio…There is no question that cardio is incredibly important to any health and fitness routine. Not only does it increase your endurance, heart capacity and overall health, it also decreases your risk of an insane number of health issues including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and SO MANY MORE!

This is not to say you have to run on the treadmill or hit the gym for hours at a time! In fact, studies have shown that after 20 minutes of exercise your body has received most of the incredible benefits it needs to be healthy and fit. So should you only exercise for 20 minutes a day? Not necessarily. The answer to this question really depends on your goals and current health. If your goal is to start an exercise routine and/or maintain your healthy lifestyle, I would say go for it! Move for 20 minutes every day, elevating your heart rate and feeling like you WORKED! If you have bigger goals you are trying to achieve, you may need a more detailed exercise routine, which should include resistance/weight training! Shoot, everyone should lift weights!

Let me take a side journey to make this plain and simple….

Cardio is a form of exercise that makes your body smaller but generally you maintain the same shape. So if you hate your flabby arms and chubby thighs (I get that!) and simply feel cardio at the gym for an hour a day will change that…I have to be the one to tell you that you are very wrong and have killed an innocent little fitness fairy and possibly her baby unicorn named Sparkles. Having an exercise routine that is solely based on cardio is a mistake for so many reasons that another blog entry begs for that topic. To give it to you quick…a program without resistance training makes you a little bit smaller but you maintain the same shape and you aren’t building the muscle you need to gain strength without getting bulky, reduce risk of injury, improve posture, reduce stress, lose body fat and support strong healthy bones. Not to mention you get the SHAPE you WANT! Yes ladies, that hourglass figure happens when you train with weights not when you burn 600 calories on the elliptical trainer at the gym!

Okay sorry, back on topic!

Let’s talk about what happens when you workout at a high level. When you are getting your sweat on, your body taps into your glycogen stores and uses those stores for energy.  Glycogen is what your body uses as fuel in order to get through your workout (or any form of activity for that matter). Glycogen is created when your body digests your food (mostly foods rich in carbohydrates). It is typically stored in the liver and a small amount in your muscles.

So now we know that glycogen (workout fuel) comes from food and you need that to get through a workout. Lets talk about what happens when your body has little to no glycogen stores because you decided to workout on an empty stomach. EARMUFFS little fairies!

Without proper fuel, your body will begin to consume the richest and most nutrient tissue on your body.

Think about it now….Do you think that is going to be your muscle or your fat?

I would give anything to see that lightbulb light up above your head right now! If you said FAT….BZZZZ WRONG! Do not pass go! Do not collect the body of your dreams and go straight to jail! If you said MUSCLE….ding ding ding! Winner winner chicken dinner with asparagus and brown rice on the side. You will be tapping into your hard earned muscle tissue to get your body through the gauntlet of that workout! Your body doesn’t care about your muscle! Your body LOVES hanging onto excess body fat because it wants to keep your body warm and surviving. Think about the caveman days and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

So let me paint the picture for you…Choose your own adventure style.

You wake up early to workout and you’re feeling like you’re already winning because the rest of the world is sleeping while you’re getting ready to burn calories at the gym. Your body is screaming for energy because you have just fasted overnight. Your glycogen levels are low and you are dehydrated…What do you do?

  • Option 1: Muscle Massacre

You head out the door without eating because instead of refueling, you decided you really needed that extra 20-30 minutes of sleep. You hit the gym and you get after it!

Here’s what happens…

Your body taps into the last little bit of glycogen stores it has and then after being completely depleted after a very short time, it calls in for backup! Your body begins a serious offensive attack on your muscle tissue in order to complete the rest of the workout. Your depleted and exhausted muscle is forced into the game. It is helpless and unarmed as it starts to burn away from your body. All the while, your entire body fat population is comfortable and chillin’ in the grand stands with popcorn, hotdogs and cokes watching it all happen. All your little fitness fairy cheerleaders drop dead on the sidelines one by one, never to be revived again. The only survivors accounted for is your body fat! Is this not a super sad story?! Stop the madness!

  • Option 2: Fat Burn Superbowl

You were prepared and woke up so you can eat 30-45 minutes prior to your workout. You have something simple, like a piece of toast with jam and a protein shake with a tall glass of water. You hit the gym and you feel the difference in your energy and performance and you kill your workout! Your fitness fairies and unicorns are going “cray-cray” on the side lines with the loudest cheers! Your body is using the glycogen stores from your pre-workout meal and is suited up to take the field ready for a huge offensive performance against your BODY FAT! Your body fat has no choice but to take the field with no defensive strike or plan of attack. Your muscles are overjoyed to be safe on the sidelines pumping iron and looking pretty fly as they watch your body fat take a serious beating from a properly nourished body! The only loser here, is your body fat!

Moral of the story…

EAT before strenuous exercise, ALWAYS! Choose something simple and convenient that you enjoy. Best case scenario…choose something low in fiber and low in fat. Why? Fiber and fat slows the digestion of your food. While this is a good thing throughout most of the day, it’s not always a good thing surrounding a workout. You need quick energy to burn! Now go be better 🙂






4 Simple Steps to Making Your Morning Healthier

wake up girl.jpg

It’s Saturday morning at 8 am and I am pleasantly surprised that I was able to sleep in! My body is on an internal clock on normal occasions, waking me up anywhere from 5 to 6 am. As a personal trainer and coach at Orangetheory, getting up early and having my game face on is a skill I have had to master over the years.

8 am felt good today! I mean, 9 months pregnant and waking up to pee and flip over every hour during the night isn’t doing me any favors. But who cares? I did it today! HA! I started my typical morning routine and wondered…”Do others have a morning routine?” I mean, sure reading the newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee is definitely “a thing”. That’s not what I mean though. Do others have a routine that helps to reset their body and mind after a long rest? I know I do! So guess what! That’s my topic today!

Here are four simple and quick things I do every single morning to jumpstart my body and brain to work better all day

DRINK WATER! If you can wake up and immediately get 16-20 ounces of water in your body, it’s a huge win! I wake up, go to the bathroom and fill up my glass of water TWICE and guzzle it down. Easy and quick, here’s why…

  • More than likely, you haven’t had water in your body for the last 8 hours. Your body is mostly water and you know that, so why not get it back in! This gives your brain FUEL to work properly again. Hopefully, the 16 ounces I just consumed is helping my writing right now….Let me know 😉
  • It fires up your metabolism! Your muscles have tons of water in them. When your muscles are depleted, so is your metabolism. You are likely to burn 20 percent more calories throughout the day when you get that water down the hatch first thing in the morning. Who doesn’t want that?! That’s anywhere from 250-600 calories depending on the person.
  • Flush out toxins! As you sleep, your body is put into a “repairing” state. It starts to repair all damage that has been done to your body throughout the day. Whether that’s from working out, your skin taking a beating from the environment, or even poor food choices…Your body now has all the little “fighters” repairing the damage. When this happens, those toxins are released and you need to flush them out, otherwise they will find something to stick to elsewhere in your system. YUCK!
  • Creates new and healthy blood cells! With new blood cells running through you, your body will function so much better in all of your systems. This is a no-brainer! Pun intended.

STRETCH! No, I’m not talking about that stretch in bed when your arms are thrown in the air and it’s paired with a huge yawn (see cute girl on top of page). I’m talking about finding those “sticky spaces” in your body and spending 2-10 minutes getting into those spaces.

  • Stretching increases blood flow, improves your circulation and boosts your energy level! All amazing reasons to invest just a little more time before your hectic morning routine begins. Remember, proper blood flow throughout your entire body is HUGE for all of your systems. However, when you have better blood flow to those muscles, you have increased energy and burn more calories every day! WINNING!
  • Sharpens your brain! It’s that increased blood flow again. Most people need that cup of coffee in the morning. Ok, I have to admit that I don’t get that. I don’t ever NEED coffee, I just like the taste of it sometimes. So I suppose I am one of the lucky ones that doesn’t rely on caffeine to wake up and start my day. If you are, kick that habit if you can. Your body should wake up and function without external intervention.
  • Give your body a boost in mobility! By getting into those “sticky spaces” you are giving your body a chance to move properly throughout the day. Everyone has a unique movement pattern but that doesn’t always mean its a GOOD movement pattern. Most individuals are tight in at least one area of their body. Without addressing that area, its starts to effect another area, then another after that! Pretty soon, you are a personal trainers nightmare because you can’t perform exercises correctly. Ok ok ok, yes I am speaking from experience. It’s unfortunate when a clients movement cannot be fixed because their body, simply won’t perform the way it needs to. Fix that! More on that in another post! Boy, do I have a soapbox speech on that topic!

EAT BREAKFAST RIGHT AWAY! Your body has been fasting for several hours and it’s dying for fuel! Without fuel, your body can become catabolic. Meaning, it starts to consume it’s own healthy muscle tissue. That’s BAD! Muscle tissue is incredibly difficult to build and takes a lot of time and effort. Don’t throw that away by refusing to eat until you get into the office and have a handful of cereal of a donut. Have you lost your senses? Grab a quick and healthy breakfast within 30 to 45 minutes of waking and you’re golden!

  • It helps your body to absorb more nutrients throughout the day because you are kick-starting early and setting a baseline! More nutrients means a healthier you!
  • Consuming a healthy and well- balanced breakfast rich with protein can help double weight loss results! You have to be consistent with this habit though! My favorite is a veggie scramble with breakfast chicken sausage, sweet potatoes and an egg over easy on top! So yummy! A quick and simple option is oatmeal with egg whites or even a protein shake instead of the eggs, if you are in a hurry.
  • Eating an early breakfast has amazing long-term benefits for your health. It lowers your risk of heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. This is just to name a few! Be consistent and your body will thank you for it by performing better for the rest of your life.
  • Having a yummy breakfast boosts your mood! Who doesn’t love breakfast food?! If you think you don’t then you need to do some more exploring. There are some amazing options out there that are delicious and nutritious to get you starting the day off right. I am always happy after I eat my breakfast because I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

SET A GOAL FOR THE DAY! We all wake up during the work week and feel we have a zillion things to do. I get that, trust me. However, when you can sweep away all the little tasks, what are a few things that are a “must-do” for you? My favorite think lately in the “Roles and Goals” method of attacking my day and my week. For example, here’s my list of roles and goals…

  • Awesome wife: Sam really wants to relax WITH ME today until 3 pm (don’t know why he set that time, haha) because he’s had a crazy long work week and wants me to slow down too (weird, haha). So I am a doer and it’s hard for me to slow down and just relax when my house isn’t in order (currently isn’t with running my own company, coaching and a baby on the way with two little ones still demanding my attention). However, this is important to my husband, who is my world! So I am planning to make us a yummy breakfast and snuggle him throughout the morning and afternoon so make his heart happy.
  • Dope mom: Last week my goal was to help my daughter organize her room and help my son with his homework every single day with no interruptions. So this week, my focus shifts to the nursery! I need to reorganize it after all the showers and blessings we have received. When my kids are happy, I’m happy.
  • Thriving Business Owner: Today, I get to hang out with my fabulous bestie and business partner Amy to do some end of the year shopping for tax purposes. OH DARN! We are going to upgrade her lap top and grab a few more things that will help us thrive in 2018. Not to mention our accountant will be very happy!
  • Self-love: While moving is freakin’ hard for me being so big and awkward. I am going to take the time and energy to get my workout in. I need to feel strong, healthy and successful with my health and wellness every day. So this is an easy one for me.

These are super simple strategies that will not only make you feel more successful with your day, but with your week and your entire life. Successful people start executing strategies in the morning! So get after it!






On KATU News at 9 months pregnant. No big deal!

So let’s be real, no one actually feels fantastic when they are the size of a house, waddles through life and is suffering from sleep deprivation from being so insanely uncomfortable. I swear, women that love being pregnant are either freaking crazy or can point the finger at me being a big fat baby. Don’t worry, having one soon! Ahhh!

So naturally when I am feeling my best (not), HellaBella gets a call to be featured as the fitness experts on KATU news for a live segment. The timing couldn’t be better with Amy visiting her family in Arizona. Sooooooo….I’m tagged in! What’s a girl to do? Handle it right! A girl freakin handles it and sucks up all the excuses on why she’s not right for this segment because of “how she feels”. I have the opportunity to reach out to some men and women that may need to hear what I have to say, right? So I’m getting over myself and my insecurities at this time in my pregnancy and I’m moving forward.

The moral of the story? Get freaking uncomfortable and DO IT ANYWAY! We can’t get anywhere in life if we sit around and wait until we “feel good” about moving forward. Sometimes, it’s these times where we really get to see just how strong we are in overcoming our feelings to be part of the greater good.

I want to be a change for people. I want to help them. I want to be the shoulder to cry on and the hand they hold when they don’t feel they can do it on their own. This post isn’t about me feeling big, awkward or uncomfortable. This is about shutting down how you feel about your current situation in order to stay focused on a goal! My goal is to change lives! So damnit Kelsey, go do it!

PS. Your turn 😘



Making this New Year our Best Year

Everyone knows what a “New Years Resolution” is, right? Right! Did you also know that most of these resolutions fail by March? How sad is that? We are so determined to be our best self and typically decide this in ONE DAY! But we can’t even hold on to it for the long-term?! WHY?

Change is hard! It is especially hard when you have no idea how to get from point A to point B. When you don’t know where you are going, what do you do? DUH! You grab a map! You need help!

So what’s my New Years Resolution? Mine is to take care of my body by slowing down, taking the time to stretch, breathe and loosen up that tension in my muscles that has been living there for WAY TOO LONG! Who is going to help me do this you ask? My awesome hubby who knows all things body maintenance and biomechanics. Sounds fancy, huh? Well it is.

So now you know my New Years Resolution. What’s yours? As a health and fitness professional, I get questions ALL THE TIME about weight loss. Do any of these sounds familiar?

  • I workout all the time but I’m not seeing the number on the scale go down!
  • I have limited my calorie intake and I’m still overweight!
  • I can’t get rid of the last five to ten pounds!
  • I stopped eating bread and drinking beer! Why am I still overweight?
  • I have no idea what I’m doing when I go to the gym!
  • I don’t have the time or the energy but know I need to change my health.

So listen…here’s the thing! There are answers RIGHT HERE! You just have to be ready to hear them. Are you ready or do you just want to vent about it and have someone hear you? Don’t get me wrong…I get that! We need to be heard. We need to be loved. We need to be supported. But at the end of the day, it has to be YOUR decision to make a plan to change and MOVE!

Most people don’t make changes until the incredible pain of their circumstance is greater than the pain it takes to change. Are you there right now? Good! Then let’s go!

Here are some strategies you need to embrace and never let go of in order to face your journey with confidence and determination.

**Take the time to KNOW YOUR WHY! If you are driving a car across the country, that’s a big time and financial commitment. Why are you doing that. No one gets in the car for no apparent reason and starts driving for days and weeks. They always have a reason! So what’s yours! If you can’t latch on to a TRUE WHY behind your goals, you will not succeed. You should have a major emotional response to your TRUE WHY.

Some shitty reasons..

  • I want to look hot in a bikini.
  • I have a high school reunion coming up.
  • I’m getting married and want a smaller dress size.
  • I need a boyfriend or girlfriend.

REALLY!? No, you don’t need any of these things. You need the confidence to be ok NOT having all of these things. Yes, you should be healthy, but not for superficial reasons…You need this for you! So dig deeper. For example…

I have a high school reunion. Dig deeper….I was made fun of in school and want to prove them wrong. Dig deeper…I don’t want to show them that they hurt me and held me back. Dig deeper…I want to prove to myself that I am worth love and respect. GOOD! THERE IT IS! Now hold onto your TRUE WHY and battle through the journey.

**MOVE at the PEAK of your motivation! If that’s now, then GO! The longer you wait, the more likely you are going to let your fears and doubts overcome your actions. You WILL convince yourself that you are not ready. Trust me, you are.

  • Sign up for something! We run challenges for our clients all the time to keep the focused on the end game. You need a cheerleading squad and while I was a major nerd in high school. I’m a kick ass cheerleader now! Click on the websites, register and get a FREE Jumpstart to New Years! The Jumpstart includes a 7 day meal plan, a 7 day workout plan, recipes, and grocery list. Www.fueledbyhellabella.com
  • Clear out your pantry and fridge! Get rid of the crap that you eat on a daily and know you shouldn’t. You cannot be a slave to your cravings. Don’t be their bitch! Make them your bitch by throwing them in the garbage. Get educated and go to the store for REAL FOOD!
  • Go shopping for dope workout gear! Everyone wants to feel like a hottie when they workout. So go shopping and get yourself some amazing clothes that you feel good in. Don’t focus on the cellulite on your freaking legs, no one cares. Buy those awesome pants anyway and rock those!
  • Go to the gym! YEP! JUST GO! Get in the car and drive the 5-10 minutes to sign up. Stop making excuses about not joining. “They don’t have enough water fountains.” “I didn’t like the salesman.” “It smelled funny.” REALLY? Drop the excuses and make it happen. Don’t find a way OUT! Find a way IN!

**Gather your SUPPORT TEAM! You should have those around you that love you and want you to succeed in reaching your dreams. These are your people! Recruit them by sharing your WHY, take them with you to join the GYM, go shopping and everything else you need to get ready to conquer this year! If you don’t have a support team, we get that! Find one because while that sucks, it’s still no excuse. I am here, my business partner is here and we love helping and watching people succeed. Reach out to us and we will be those kick ass cheerleaders I mentioned earlier. Don’t ask for a cheer, but ask for the understanding and the hand holding you need to make this happen. We got this with you. Talk to us!