Hi there! My name is Kelsey and I am a lover of a lot of things! I love my soul mate and amazing husband, Sam. I love my two amazing children with one more on the way. I love owning my own fitness empire, working with people who need support and understanding. I love my friends who support me. I love my beauty products, yep, I’m a girl who likes feeling pretty. I love art and the release it gives me! What can I say? I am a very passionate person with very passionate views on the world and what we put back into it!

I have had a crazy curvy rough road in life and have learned so many incredible lessons along the way. I truly believe that without these lessons, I wouldn’t be me today! I also believe that as a human being, we have an obligation to help each other in this crazy journey we call life. Show love to each other, smile to warm someone, create laughter to brighten a day and give with everything you can.

I find my purpose in life by sharing knowledge, showing compassion, being well educated and loving on people. I co-founded HellaBella Athletics over a year ago and it’s been a crazy and fun adventure! I have learned so much about me, about people and about business in general that is invaluable. The one thing that will always remain constant, is my passion for my people. I get to change lives every single day and I love it no matter the cost! The time it takes is enormous. The emotional demand is immense. The mental drainage is immeasurable. While it takes so much of everything I have, the sense of fulfillment is beyond imaginable. I wouldn’t change it for the world because my purpose is clear. I love myself and I love others with my whole heart.

To learn more about what I do to change lives through health, wellness and fitness…

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