Post Partum Baby Body! Step by Step!

You know those people that say that breastfeeding will melt the baby weight right off your body? I call bullshit! The fact is, you hurt about 20 calories for every ounce of milk that your body produces. So if you are feeding your newborn according to doctor recommendation, then you’re burning about 480-600 calories per day. So why is the fat not melting off MY body from nursing?! Who knows! The thing is, there is no way to tell what factors are going to help your body lose weight just simply nursing. Instead, I have gone old school with food and exercise, go figure! Haha! I have developed the right meal plan for me and for my baby boy. I have made sure I find five hours a week to focus on fitness to get my body to bounce back!

If you have been following my blog, you know I’ve been fighting to get this baby weight off my body while maintaining a healthy milk supply and desperately holding onto my sanity! As a business owner, personal trainer, nutrition coach AND full time mom and wife, my time is insanely limited. So I’ve got to make it happen! Today I have the pleasure of being featured as the fitness expert on our local news station, KATU. To help all the awesome freakin mommies out there that can relate to my pain, I have broken down a completely feasible plan of action for post-partum fitness.

As soon as this little guy entered the world, I made a plan. Call me crazy!

Step One: Get Real!

Make a realistic plan of action and be kind to yourself. Your body has gone through quite the ordeal and it needs time to recover. Have a conversation with your doctor before leaving the hospital about your limitations and activity in the incoming weeks. Most doctors will recommend light walking on most days to aid in your body bouncing back. So slow your roll and take this advice. If you know me at all, this is hard to do. So I came up with this step by step plan to help me see the finish line!

Step Two: Take baby steps, literally!

Go for walks! Follow your doctors advice and get moving. Now if you’ve had a baby you’ll know that walking days after a delivery is UNCOMFORTABLE! So take your time and listen to your body. When you can make your way outside to take a walk, go for it. Maybe you lengthen your walk a little bit every day to progress you through your weight loss!

Step Three: Workout at home with gentle resistance!

I started getting my muscles moving in my own home a couple weeks after delivery. I was sure to keep the movements easy and doable, focusing on my upper body (for obvious reasons). I love using light weights or resistance bands a few days a week.

Here was my fitness routine….

10 Bridges

10 Push-ups from knees

10 Shoulder presses

10 Bicep curls

10 Low Rows

I repeated this circuit three times or until I was out of energy. Which let’s be real, energy is not a thing for new mamas!

Step Four: Test the waters at the gym!

When you are feeling confident to get back to the gym (usually around the six week mark), go test the waters! But testing the waters is exactly what you should be doing. Start on machines so you can take the tension away from your core and lower body, which may not be ready to work for you yet! Go for high rep counts and low weights to stay safe and remind your muscles how to get back to work.

Step Five: Go for it!

Every week you should feel better and better. So get out there and start moving again. Maintain open communication with your doctor and partner with them to get yourself approved to get back to it! Get back to what your body knows! So if you weren’t active before your baby was born, don’t go to 17 CrossFit workouts in one day. That’s what we call, dangerous!

I hope this post helps you out with your post Baby Baby journey! As always, comment below and I’ll be listening!



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