Where my girls at? Let’s talk skincare!

You know that game where you say… “If you really knew me, you would know…” Then you proceed to say something silly about yourself, or something emotional and deeply profound or completely random and shocking. While I don’t really have anything THAT exciting to add to this fun little game. I can say….

“If you really knew me, you would know that I am INTENSE when it come to my skincare routine.”

Yes, I have great skin! Yes, my skin looks like I’m in my 20’s instead of inching closer to 40! I am not going to apologize for this fact because I have earned my skin over the course of the last 23 years. I am diligent and consistent and work hard to keep my skin hydrated and healthy. Because of this, I am asked all the time…

  • What do you use on your skin?
  • What’s your favorite moisturizer?
  • Where you you get you skincare?
  • What brand do you use?

I know what products I love. I know I love my routine. A few of our HellaBella Athletics clients have asked about my routine.  So I decided to unlock my skincare secrets!

Let’s first set the tone with WHY I became so obsessed with great skincare.

I had one of my favorite days when I was 13 years old. My mom and I went to the Northwest Womens Show at the Convention Center on a rainy Saturday afternoon to spend some time being “girly girls”. We roamed up and down the long aisle ways that featured a zillion vendors who were ready to show you the latest and greatest in beauty products. There were SO MANY women at this event! I stuck close to my mom as we dodged through obnoxiously loud female cackles, fragrance models who attacked with perfume as you strolled by and women who had zero sense of spacial awareness as they glided on the brightest new lip colors and powdered their noses in the middle of a sea of women. It was nuts!

We finally stopped at the end of the aisle way when my mom was greeted by a beautiful young woman with perfectly done hair and makeup. I remember thinking, “Wow, she looks like a TV newscaster.” Her hair was perfect. Her skin was perfect. Her makeup was perfect. She was positively flawless and I was in awe! She chatted quietly with my mom for a few moments before she turned to me and smiled. “Hi Kelsey,” she greeted me, “how would you like to get a facial and makeover?” I looked at my mom who smiled and nodded that it was ok for me to say yes. I simply smiled and she opened her hand to guide us to a pair of blue director chairs that were shielded from the crazy crowd of women. She introduced herself as Amanda and she quickly got to work. Now….I don’t remember much of what she said. I was enamored as I watched her delicately and gracefully open and close containers, jars and various tubes to extract products to apply to my face. Everything smelled amazing! My skin felt amazing! Every few minutes I would glance at my mom who was in the exact same boat I was in. She was being pampered as well and was loving every second of it. The two women took their time explaining WHY each product had a place on top of our counter at home. My mom apparently agreed because she bought very single item that was applied to our face! I was ecstatic! Amanda took the time to make me comfortable with my new skincare regime. She even spent a little time showing techniques to make my makeup look flawless. I was determined to adopt the regime every single day so I could one day look like her.

As we walked away, I will never forget the last thing Amanda said to me. She said, “Kelsey I want you to remember one thing. Start early and stay consistent. When you’re in your 20’s, you have the skin you are blessed with. When you are in your 30’s, you have the skin you have worked for. And when you are in your 40’s and older, you have the skin you have earned.”

I will never forget this experience. This was the first day that I decided to take care of my skin! Sure, I was overweight and “uncool” but I was at least going to have some bomb ass skin! So from that day forward, I adopted a very serious skincare routine. While the products have varied slightly over the years, I always stayed consistent with the following…

  • Step 1: Cleanser
  • Step 2: Make-up Remover
  • Step 3: Balancer/Toner
  • Step 4: Serum for specific need
  • Step 5: Moisturizer
  • Step 6: Eye Cream
  • Optional Extra Steps: Facial massage cream, various masks, various facial oils etc.

Seem like a lot? I love every single second of my skincare routine. It’s when I get to relax for just a few minutes and take time to take care of me. I do these steps every morning when I wake up and every evening before crawling into bed, without fail! I cannot tell you a single evening where I have left makeup on my face. I cannot tell you a single morning where I have not taken the time to go through each step of my routine. I love it and will continue to love it till the day I die.

So what do I use? Here is a list of some of my current and all time favorite products with the links on how to find them!

Cleanser: Shiseido Gentle Cleanser

This smells amazing, is super concentrated and the anti-aging technology is rock solid and ahead of it’s time! I have been using this one (has been reformulated a time or two) for 19 years!

Make-up Remover: Bobbi Brown Makeup Remover

I have been using this for 8 years! I switched when my lashes started getting dry and brittle. This makeup remover is gentle, hydrating and keeps my lashes deeply conditioned so the don’t fall out!

Balancer/Toner: Eudermine Revitalizing Essence

I am a stickler on this step! I LOVE this product and have been using it for 19 years. It’s a smart balancer/essence that reads how much moisture you need every day. It’s the “prep step” before your moisturizer. I will never stop using this product. Game changer!

Moisturizing Oil: Future Solution LX Replenishing Treatment Oil

When I need a lift and serious moisture! So this product is expensive but I can’t live without it. It has cutting edge technology for reversing the signs of aging. I use this one on the evenings when I feeling especially indulgent, need some extra moisture or have spotted a new wrinkle that I refuse to accept. I have a love affair with this product.

All around Moisturizing Lotion: Christina Moss Moisturizer

A good every day moisturizer! I am obsessed with the smell of the moisturizer! It smells like licorice and I love that! There is an unscented option too. Sometimes when I need a little more, I mix this with Future Solution LX Replenishing Treatment Oil to give me that extra boost of moisture and anti-aging properties.

Eye Cream: Eye Contour Cream

This is another one I have been using for a zillion years! We have no oil glands around our eyes, so this is where we age first. Therefore, we need to use eye cream around then in order to combat lines and wrinkles. No, you can’t use any ol’  face cream! Trust me…

My Favorite Extra Goodie:  Dr. Dennis Gross Face Peels

When I look in the mirror and notice my skin is looking a little dry and dull, I pull one of these out and make it happen. While they are designed to be used daily, I like to use them on occasion because I don’t “love” the idea of using a peel every day. However, on occasion they are AMAZING! My skin gets an instant lift and boost of hydration. Obsessed with these.

Phew! Those are some of my absolute favorites! I hope this post helped and you find some products that you add to your skincare routine. Good luck getting your glow on!



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  1. Shea

    You’re speaking my language! I’m a BIG fan of skincare. I recently fell in love with a Korean skin polish that I use once a week and it makes my face feel like I’ve had a facial each time I use it. I’ve also started a double cleanse about 2 years ago and I think that’s made the biggest difference in my skin texture.

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