Need a RECOVERY Workout? Here’s my DAY 1 Back to the Gym!

At some point in your fitness life you are going got have to overcome an obstacle in the form of injuries, surgeries, illnesses or some other kind of setback. It’s frustrating when you want to continue in your fitness routine but your body and/or doctor is saying, “Oh, Hell NO!”

Read on to hear about my post-baby journey back into my workouts and make a plan of your own if you are suffering from an exercise set back! Save this information for future reference if you ever need to gradually transition back into fitness after a set back.

My perfect little munchkin entered the world 10 days ago. He’s great and I am recovering well, starting to feel myself again. However, I have a battle in my mind! I have done extensive research into the healthy recovery of a woman’s body after having a baby. I am well-versed in this area, with two other little ones in our family. 

Let’s talk about the bad news first….The research hasn’t really changed. Women still need to take it as easy as possible for about six weeks to truly let their body recover properly. The good news? There are a lot of great options for putting together recovery workouts that will still challenge you!

The ugly truth: It takes about the same amount of time for you to return back to your true fitness level that you took away from fitness during recovery. For example, if you had surgery and you have an 8 week recovery where you do NOTHING for maintaining your fitness level, it will take you at least 8 weeks to get back to where you were prior to surgery once you head back to the gym.

For this reason, I am anxious to get back to it! I really don’t want to take a ton of time away from the gym because I don’t want to have to start back at ground zero. That’s exactly why I came up with my own recovery plan! The name of the game is “slow progression”. Every day and/or week, I will “test the waters”  in the gym. Whether it is with duration of workout, rep counts, intensity, rest periods, weight load and many more.

GETTING BACK to the GYM! POST BABY! Here's a solid workout for you!


Day 1: Testing the Waters! 

It’s my first day back in the gym. While I’m feeling pretty good, I’m cautious about overdoing it. Oftentimes we can feel great during a workout, but later regret it with some setbacks and pain. So being sensitive to this fact (and knowing my doctor would kick my ass if he saw me there), I decided to “test the waters” with VERY light weight and high reps. My only goal for this workout was to get my muscles to fire and activate. They haven’t worked hard in 10 days, so getting the blood flowing through them and reminding them to WORK for me, was my only priority.

I chose to work major muscle groups to get as many muscles working as possible in one workout. Being sensitive to my core, I chose to work machine based exercises as much as possible. My body isn’t ready to engage my core muscles in their entirety yet. So again, I’m testing the waters with SOME light core activation. Otherwise, machine based movements needs to be my jam for a couple weeks.

My “Testing the Waters” Workout Routine: Remember, light weight!

Straight Sets: 3-4 Rounds of each exercise before moving on to the next.

  • 15 Angled Leg Press
  • 20 Leg Extensions
  • 20 Seated Leg Curls
  • 15 Lat Pull Down
  • 15 Standing Face Pull

Chest Super Set

  • 15 Lying Dumbbell Chest Press
  • 5 Tempo Incline Bench Pushups (5 second down, 2 seconds up)

Cardio: Steady State (same thing the entire time)

  • 15 minutes: Incline walk 3.0 mph at 9% incline


Now please remember, you are NOT trying to destroy your workout! You are trying to move your body and be very aware of how it feels while you are working every single rep. You are coming off  injury/illness/surgery/baby etc. So being sure you are tuned in to your body is CRITICAL. If you feel something that isn’t quite right….STOP! It’s better to take your time, listen to your body and celebrate the fact that you are able to MOVE at all!

You are certainly welcome to take this workout and put it in your own fitness arsenal should you ever need a recovery workout. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or make comments. I am here to help! I will be sharing my entire 8 Week Post-Baby Body Challenge with you! Hopefully it inspires you to start your own journey and work alongside me!

Tomorrow is my TRUE DAY 1! My bestie and business partner Amy will be taking over my life with my nutrition and exercise. Do I know how to do it? DUH! However, it’s so much better to have someone by my side pushing me harder and holding me accountable. She will be tracking my progress, making adjustments as needed and overall KICK MY ASS! I have 12 pounds to go and I’m ready to get back to my pre-baby body!

Follow me and Amy to to follow the journey! She will give you her perspective on me as a client. Ha! Should be interesting! And of course, you’ll get my perspective of being her client. She’s cray cray! HAHA!

Here we go! I’m ready!



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