My POST BABY Body Challenge…Want to join?

Ready to join me for my POST BABY BODY CHALLENGE? Read on for…

  • Thoughts on POST BABY and what that means.
  • My personal CHALLENGES as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach.
  • The ugly truth of a POST BABY BODY.
  • My THREE GOALS! Losing the baby weight while maintaining aa harmonious family and healthy mindset.
  • Your formal invitation to JOIN ME!
  • Looking forward to the NEXT STEP.

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My perfect little miracle entered the world just FIVE DAYS ago! The time has already flown by, even as the sleepless nights seem to crawl. He is perfect. My heart has somehow found even more space for this incredible little person. Our family of five, six including our happy family dog, is complete and we are looking forward to new adventures!

Now, let me open up about what runs through my brain when I am forced to put my feet up, relax and recover…it’s HARD and I kinda hate it! I am not the type of person who sits still. I am not the type of person who rejoices at even the CHANCE to sit still. Should I be looking forward to these weeks of allowing my body to recover from the miracle of pregnancy, followed by the physical trauma of delivery? Yes, yes I know I should! I am determined to chill the hell out and take this time to focus on me, my little man and my incredible family.

Now with that being said, no good story would be complete without conflict. My conflict? I am a Personal Trainer who is used to feeling strong, lean and active. I am a Sports Nutrition Coach, who is used to being very aware of my macros, calories and eating the same things every day. I am a Health Coach, who is used to encouraging individuals who need to find balance, harmony and practicing self-love and forgiveness. These are all great, right? Right! Enter baby and BAM!

If you have had a baby, you know what I’m talking about! If you haven’t, let’s all be on the same page with the ugly truth of post-baby bodies.

You head home from the hospital with your perfect little family feeling all kinds of emotions, for all kinds of reasons. The positive and euphoric emotions and reasons are a given! Let’s address the yucky ones and why they try to plague this amazing time in your life.

  1. Your uterus is finally unoccupied but you still look 6 months pregnant with saggy tummy skin. Not sexy.
  2. Your “downstairs” has been ripped to shreds, so walking is a whole new adventure.
  3. Every inch of you is sore from the hardest and longest workout of your life.
  4. The only pants you can rock are harem pants since they drape 2 feet below your who-ha! And let’s be real, the only person that can get away with those is J-Lo.
  5. All the glam has been stolen from your routine…Hell, you are lucky if you have taken a shower! So forget hair products, makeup and cute outfits. We are talkin, greasy messy buns, hubby’s zip-up hoodies, gauze panties lined with huge pads and massive pants!

I’m basically telling you that I have never felt more amazing and beautiful (sense the tone and imagine a huge eye roll). So while this is an incredible time for our family, it’s also a very trying time for me, personally. I need a plan…

Now because I am a planner and love checking things off my list, I am launching into a full blown plan of attack and inviting you to join me!

For the next 8 weeks, I will be focusing on a just THREE THINGS…

  1. Balancing my needs, recovery, rest and well-being.
  2. Focus on our sweet little addition, stay in harmony with all family members, while maintaining a successful work life. 
  3. GET MY BODY BACK so I can feel like myself again! Both 1 and 2 are extremely important, don’t get me wrong. However, this 8 week journey will be more focused on the health of my body and how to lose that baby weight. I have read several articles and blogs detailing small snapshots of what women go through during postpartum. I want to be different. I want to share every step of the way, so I can help those individuals who may be needing the same encouragement, with or without a baby.. Whatever your reason, join me.

Ready to join me? Consider this your formal invitation!

  • If you are needing a partner in crime to help you stay accountable in your own goals, join me!
  • If you have recently (or are still fighting) the postpartum battle, join me!
  • If you know someone who is fighting the postpartum battle, TELL THEM to join me!
  • If you are interested in reading about how I’m going to make these things happen, join me!
  • If you appreciate the honest and ugly truth about how to hurdle over the challenging times and stay motivated to smash some goals, join me!

FOLLOW ME now and SHARE THIS POST because I’m starting TODAY with my first task. I already completed it and challenge you to do the same. Write down THREE goals you will focusing on through the next 8 weeks. Post them somewhere so you can see them every day! I’m going to be sharing my nutrition and fitness plan, my self-love and acceptance plan and the details of balancing a big family with my fitness career. 

Next step to look forward to? I will be writing out my nutrition and fitness plans on Wednesday in my blog post! This is a critical step and needs to be thorough so I can stick with it and stay healthy as I take care of baby and myself. Stay tuned!





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