BREAKFAST Baby! Why you NEED it!

I just had breakfast! I freakin’ LOVE breakfast and I always feel good about sitting down to take the time to nourish my body first thing in the morning because I KNOW the benefits of “the most important meal of the day”. As I was happily finishing my egg whites, oatmeal and super foods orange juice, I started thinking about WHY I am so enamored with breakfast and thought to myself…”Do people know this stuff?” I better tell them! So hear we go!

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WHY you NEED Breakfast!

There are a crazy amount of theories and nutrition programs that have you skip breakfast, one is know as “intermittent fasting”. While I can appreciate that there is a place for this in the fitness community, it is not something I would ever do myself or recommend. I have done too much research, experimenting on myself and just have the general knowledge that intermittent fasting is not for me. So I’m going to share all the reasons WHY breakfast is in fact, the most important meal of the day, what to eat and when to eat it!

The research that supports NEVER skipping BREAKFAST is overwhelming! Let’s get into it…

Fact #1: People already have a hard time getting their nutrients in during the day! Why skip breakfast and put yourself behind the 8 ball? If you consume a nutrient rich breakfast every morning that addresses some of the concerns you may have about your own health, you could prevent SO MANY illnesses and diseases in the future. Concerned about your genetic makeup and what “runs in the family”? Be proactive! Look into your family tree and find out what you may be suseptical to, then start planning your breakfast to start each day FIGHTING the future of illnesses. I have Heart Disease and Alzheimers in my family, so I begin each day with oatmeal, berries and sliced almonds! BOOM!

Here are some staggering numbers for you…

Barely 11% of the population gets the daily recommended amount of fiber needed to maintain a healthy digestive system and therefore, a healthy immune system! Suffering from a crazy amount of colds and flus this season (or worse)? Fix your digestive system!

Over 50% of the entire world is Vitamin D deficient! WHAT?! You know that’s an even higher number here in the Northwest, where sun hides for most of the year. Vitamin D deficiency leads to depression, osteoporosis, muscle weakness and reduced stamina and chronic pain, amongst other things.

Under 5% of the total population gets the recommended amount of potassium!

More than 75% of the population is calcium deficient. Over 10% of the population will have bone related diseases and conditions because of this fact.

I could go on and on and on about how deficient we are as people, however I would need to break this up into several blog posts and I think you get the idea, right?

  • I will be touching on all of these numbers in more detail in February Blog Posts, so if you are interested in learning more about each of these deficiencies, FOLLOW the blog and you’ll be the first to hear about it! Worried about someone? Share this so we can help them together.

Fact #2: Dramatically decrease your risk of diseases and illnesses!

These first two facts go hand in hand. Without the proper nutrients and amount of those nutrients, your body isn’t getting enough weapons to fight these illnesses. Skipping breakfast is an entire meal where you could be giving your body the weapons it needs to stay healthy for you and your family.

Did you know?

  • Women who often skip breakfast are at a much higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes? The the type of diabetes you CAN control!
  • Skipping breakfast is associated with hypertension, insulin resistance (hence diabetes) and elevated blood sugar (hello weight gain!)
  • Eating breakfast increases cognitive function and memory! I’m saying NO THANK YOU to Alzheimers in my family!

Fact #3: This is one of my favorite facts because I KNOW you all wanna hear about how to get leaner and sexier. Duh! Who doesn’t?! You LOSE WEIGHT when you eat breakfast!

Studies have shown…Are you ready for this number?! People who ate a well rounded and larger breakfast to start their day lost an average of ALMOST 18 POUNDS IN 3 MONTHS! What?! Eat breakfast people!

Your body has been fasting since you ate the night before…Your metabolism has slowed WAY down and it’s starving for fuel to jump start it again.

Let’s paint a picture…

Your alarm goes off at 6:00 am to get ready for work. You are tired and barely able to move. You hit the snooze button and turn over, “just five more minutes.” You doze off just long enough for that alarm to wreak havoc on your morning again. You reluctantly crawl out of bed and slowly make you way to the bathroom to start your morning routine. You’re tired, you need coffee and you don’t have it in you to rush around and be productive yet. You JUST WOKE UP! Totally understandable. But guess what? Your metabolism is doing the same freakin’ thing! It has also been sleeping because it hasn’t had fuel to drive it forward for at least 8 hours (hopefully). It’s not concerned about your fitness goals right now, it’s tired and pushing the snooze button too. Those pretty little Fitness Fairies are in their cute little tree houses with the doors tightly locked up dreaming about pretty unicorns and rainbow protein shakes. They aren’t doing a damn thing for you right now.

So when are you going to decide to wake up your metabolism (Fitness Fairies for the sake of imagery)? Do you want to burn fat or would you rather hold onto it for longer periods of time because you like how it looks on your waist, ass and thighs? No thanks! WAKE THEM UP!

But Kelsey, how do I wake up those perfect buff little Fitness Fairies to jump start my metabolism?

EAT BREAKFAST! Blow those massive golden trumpets in your Fitness Fairy Village and get those guys out of bed to ramp up that fat burning immediately. 

Set your alarm to get out of bed 15 minutes earlier, head to the kitchen and eat breakfast. Enjoy this extra time with yourself and feel good about ramping your metabolism first thing in the morning. Ideally, you want to eat within about 30 minutes of waking up. Yes, you may have to adjust your schedule in the morning, but it’s for the greater good of your Fairy Village. Get up earlier, go to bed earlier to compensate and spend some time with yourself in the morning eating a balanced and nutrient dense breakfast. I promise, you will feel good about this!

What should you eat?

This is obviously a matter of preference and like I said, do your research into your family tree and start making a game plan as to how you can arm yourself best against genetic illnesses and disease. However, here are a few guidelines that will address many health concerns.

Consume a breakfast rich in protein, complex carbohydrate and healthy fat! Throw in as many veggies as possible OR you can cheat like me…I have greens in my orange juice every morning! HELLO VITAMINS and MINERALS! Check it out on Amazon for Amazing Grass Green Superfood ! Then I don’t need 4 pounds of Kale in the morning with a side of spinach! HA! It’s on sale right now too so obviously, I ordered five! For real, this is a daily routine for my and hubby.

Some amazing choices include the following…

  • Oatmeal, blueberries, almond milk and  sliced almonds on top
  • Veggies and egg white omelette cooked in 1/2 tbsp coconut oil and slice of whole grain toast
  • Greek yogurt parfait with berries, nuts and a couple tbsp of granola.

Build a breakfast that YOU like! Just remember how CRAZY important this meal is and make sure you create a routine. Your body will thank you for it, I promise.



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