KATU News At Home Pregnancy Workout!

Let’s be completely honest, when you are pregnant, you have limited energy! Let’s take it a step farther, when you are nine months pregnant and ready to pop, you are even more exhausted!

As a personal trainer and nutrition coach, it is very important to keep my body healthy by moving often and eating a balanced and nutrient dense diet. It makes my pregnancy easier, the delivery smoother and the post-partum recovery faster.

Here are a few tips for you to get through your pregnancy feeling successful and strong!

  1. Move for 20 minutes per day! Research shows that within the first 20 minutes of exercise, your body gets the most health benefits. Therefore, that little munchkin you are growing does as well! Go for a walk, hit the gym, do a workout video or hit this quick workout at home.
  2. Listen to your body! And your doctor! Trust me, you are going to know when it’s time to slow down. Stay active and strong but be aware that your body is going through some major changes and you need to adjust.
  3. You are NOT eating for two! You are eating for yourself and a tiny little peanut. While your body may need 1700-2500 calories per day, you’re unborn baby does not. Doctors suggest 150-250 additional calories in the first trimester, 250-350 calories in the second trimester and about 500 calories in the third and final trimester. Trust me, you want to pay attention to this so you aren’t packing on the pounds and struggling after your baby arrives to lose the weight. Remember a healthy weight gain during pregnancy is 25-35 pounds!

With all that being said, knowing that I need to take care of my body doesn’t exactly give me additional energy in getting to the gym. I know you know what I’m talking about ladies! So here is a great 5 minute routine, that was featured on KATU Afternoon Live, I do at home to keep me moving. The best part of this routine, is that I can repeat it for however long I feel like I can so I can get my heart rate up for longer periods of time and work on my endurance! Which let’s be honest, I am definitely going to need here in a week or two.

Kelsey’s KATU News Pregnancy Workout

This is a full body workout that can be done without equipment if needed! Otherwise, I suggest a yoga ball and dumbbells for resistance training. Complete 60 seconds in each exercise before moving on to the next! Set a timer on your smart phone and get to moving.

Body weight squats: Stand with feet shoulder width apart or farther is that is more comfortable, bend your knees and lean slightly back as you lower your body in a squat. Be sure your knees stay behind your toes and your weight is on your heels. Stand back up and squeeze your gluten before repeating. Hold dumbbells in hands if you are feeling good!

Bent over Low Row: With dumbbells in hands and palms facing each other, bend at the waist and knees to get your chest close to parallel to the floor. Keep your back straight and eyes on the floor 3 feet in front of you as you bring the weights to your ribcage, squeeze into your shoulder blades and back before returning to straight arms at the bottom.

Push-ups: Perform push-ups from knees or toes in a plank position. Squeeze glutes and quads to support your back and core. Keep your hips slightly elevated as you lower your body down to hover over the floor, then push away to straighten arms again with an exhale. As your belly grows, find a stable base to perform and incline push-up to modify the movement.

Bridge on yoga ball: Sitting on the yoga ball, walk your feet out slowly and carefully so that your upper back and neck are supported on the ball. Squeeze your glutes and elevate your hips to become parallel to the floor before slowly releasing back down, then repeat.

Bird Dog: Kneeling on the floor on all fours. Take a big inhale and reach your right arm and left leg to outstretch away from each other, then return to starting position. Repeat to opposite side with left arm and right leg, then return to start.

REST for one minute, then repeat for as long as you feel great!

If you would like to join me on my journey through the rest of this pregnancy and getting back into tip-top shape after baby, follow my blog! If you know someone pregnant, send this to them post to help them along their journey. This blog is filled with health and fitness tips, workouts,  yummy healthy recipes and just a splash of Kelsey honesty and fun!

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