Creating Your Utopia!

I want to take the time on this magical and relaxing Sunday to talk about finding small things that make your heart happy. Let me paint you a picture, a short story, a little Kelsey fairytale…

I’m at the beach with my family on an amazing summer day! We are taking a slow walk down the boardwalk when we walk past a cute little boutique. The kind of boutique that carries one of a kind, incredibly special and unique items. The kind of items the delightful and charming owner chooses because the item spoke to them and they just HAD to carry it in their boutique. It’s these kind of shops that I HAVE to stroll through with careful attention to every item and detail. I look at my husband and smile. He smiles back and follows me as I turn on my heel and head into the shop. The kiddos have no choice but to follow. They know their mom well enough to know that it’s time to be polite and quiet as she enters her “happy place”. They quietly hope a sweet and tasty reward will follow their kind obedience. I smile at the owner who greets me warmly and begin my slow and careful walk through the store. My gaze falls on white platters, delicately painted pottery, small antique goblets and hand-made greeting cards. I spend way too much time staring at the craftsmanship of each item, paying homage to it’s creator. Then I stop, I come across a beautiful pearlized white bowl with scalloped edges. I have never seen anything quite like it and my heart is singing! I pick it up and touch the scallops as I fold through my mind where I could place this work of art in my home. I hold it close and look up at Sam. He grins and says, “do you love it?” I nod slowly as I grip the bowl closer to my chest like a child who just got a new teddy bear. This reaction confirms his suspicion that this perfect little bowl was coming home with us.

I love these moments. They warm my heart and make me smile with complete elation. Knowing that I get to take this little thing home, place it in a special spot gives me incredible satisfaction. These moments make me feel like a better wife and mother. I’m like a little mama bird who goes out into the world to find little sticks and fluff to bring back to the home to make it more comfortable for her family. For me, this is one very important way I show love to my family. I want them to WANT to spend time together in our home. I want my husband to be proud of the home we work hard for. I want my children to know their mommy loves them so much because their home is cozy and welcoming.

I am a HUGE advocate in finding small things that make you truly happy in building a peaceful and tranquil home environment. When you come home from work, you should feel like you are walking into your own Utopia that has been built by you! Your home should give you peace and satisfaction every time you walk in.

Let’s be honest, work days are filled with people who demand the world from you. Sometimes it feels as though the only way to get them off your back is by ripping your heart out of your chest and offering it to them on a silver platter. Okay, slight exaggeration maybe but you get what I’m saying. Work can be so incredible stressful! You have a ton of deadlines! You have people to answer to for these deadlines! And you have crazy ass co-workers that won’t freakin’ shut-up when you are just trying to get things done so you can mark just ONE thing off your to-do list! Work is hard! Oftentimes, you cannot control these circumstances.

What you can control, is your home. Look around your home after reading this post and identify those items that you truly love. Clear off your kitchen table and assemble your favorite things. Don’t just place them on the table. Stage these items in a fun and artistic way before taking a snapshot of them. Use this photo as inspiration to building a home that you are truly in love with. Blow it up, frame it and hang it somewhere to remind you of your project of creating your Utopia at home. Call it, your “Home Inspiration Board”. Purge those things you don’t love or are indifferent to. Be a good citizen and donate them! Then slowly collect items that make your heart sing like those on your “Home Inspiration Board”. Soon everywhere you look, you will feel complete joy in what you are creating. Trust me. It works.

The goal? Your own personal Utopia.




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