On KATU News at 9 months pregnant. No big deal!

So let’s be real, no one actually feels fantastic when they are the size of a house, waddles through life and is suffering from sleep deprivation from being so insanely uncomfortable. I swear, women that love being pregnant are either freaking crazy or can point the finger at me being a big fat baby. Don’t worry, having one soon! Ahhh!

So naturally when I am feeling my best (not), HellaBella gets a call to be featured as the fitness experts on KATU news for a live segment. The timing couldn’t be better with Amy visiting her family in Arizona. Sooooooo….I’m tagged in! What’s a girl to do? Handle it right! A girl freakin handles it and sucks up all the excuses on why she’s not right for this segment because of “how she feels”. I have the opportunity to reach out to some men and women that may need to hear what I have to say, right? So I’m getting over myself and my insecurities at this time in my pregnancy and I’m moving forward.

The moral of the story? Get freaking uncomfortable and DO IT ANYWAY! We can’t get anywhere in life if we sit around and wait until we “feel good” about moving forward. Sometimes, it’s these times where we really get to see just how strong we are in overcoming our feelings to be part of the greater good.

I want to be a change for people. I want to help them. I want to be the shoulder to cry on and the hand they hold when they don’t feel they can do it on their own. This post isn’t about me feeling big, awkward or uncomfortable. This is about shutting down how you feel about your current situation in order to stay focused on a goal! My goal is to change lives! So damnit Kelsey, go do it!

PS. Your turn 😘



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