Making this New Year our Best Year

Everyone knows what a “New Years Resolution” is, right? Right! Did you also know that most of these resolutions fail by March? How sad is that? We are so determined to be our best self and typically decide this in ONE DAY! But we can’t even hold on to it for the long-term?! WHY?

Change is hard! It is especially hard when you have no idea how to get from point A to point B. When you don’t know where you are going, what do you do? DUH! You grab a map! You need help!

So what’s my New Years Resolution? Mine is to take care of my body by slowing down, taking the time to stretch, breathe and loosen up that tension in my muscles that has been living there for WAY TOO LONG! Who is going to help me do this you ask? My awesome hubby who knows all things body maintenance and biomechanics. Sounds fancy, huh? Well it is.

So now you know my New Years Resolution. What’s yours? As a health and fitness professional, I get questions ALL THE TIME about weight loss. Do any of these sounds familiar?

  • I workout all the time but I’m not seeing the number on the scale go down!
  • I have limited my calorie intake and I’m still overweight!
  • I can’t get rid of the last five to ten pounds!
  • I stopped eating bread and drinking beer! Why am I still overweight?
  • I have no idea what I’m doing when I go to the gym!
  • I don’t have the time or the energy but know I need to change my health.

So listen…here’s the thing! There are answers RIGHT HERE! You just have to be ready to hear them. Are you ready or do you just want to vent about it and have someone hear you? Don’t get me wrong…I get that! We need to be heard. We need to be loved. We need to be supported. But at the end of the day, it has to be YOUR decision to make a plan to change and MOVE!

Most people don’t make changes until the incredible pain of their circumstance is greater than the pain it takes to change. Are you there right now? Good! Then let’s go!

Here are some strategies you need to embrace and never let go of in order to face your journey with confidence and determination.

**Take the time to KNOW YOUR WHY! If you are driving a car across the country, that’s a big time and financial commitment. Why are you doing that. No one gets in the car for no apparent reason and starts driving for days and weeks. They always have a reason! So what’s yours! If you can’t latch on to a TRUE WHY behind your goals, you will not succeed. You should have a major emotional response to your TRUE WHY.

Some shitty reasons..

  • I want to look hot in a bikini.
  • I have a high school reunion coming up.
  • I’m getting married and want a smaller dress size.
  • I need a boyfriend or girlfriend.

REALLY!? No, you don’t need any of these things. You need the confidence to be ok NOT having all of these things. Yes, you should be healthy, but not for superficial reasons…You need this for you! So dig deeper. For example…

I have a high school reunion. Dig deeper….I was made fun of in school and want to prove them wrong. Dig deeper…I don’t want to show them that they hurt me and held me back. Dig deeper…I want to prove to myself that I am worth love and respect. GOOD! THERE IT IS! Now hold onto your TRUE WHY and battle through the journey.

**MOVE at the PEAK of your motivation! If that’s now, then GO! The longer you wait, the more likely you are going to let your fears and doubts overcome your actions. You WILL convince yourself that you are not ready. Trust me, you are.

  • Sign up for something! We run challenges for our clients all the time to keep the focused on the end game. You need a cheerleading squad and while I was a major nerd in high school. I’m a kick ass cheerleader now! Click on the websites, register and get a FREE Jumpstart to New Years! The Jumpstart includes a 7 day meal plan, a 7 day workout plan, recipes, and grocery list.
  • Clear out your pantry and fridge! Get rid of the crap that you eat on a daily and know you shouldn’t. You cannot be a slave to your cravings. Don’t be their bitch! Make them your bitch by throwing them in the garbage. Get educated and go to the store for REAL FOOD!
  • Go shopping for dope workout gear! Everyone wants to feel like a hottie when they workout. So go shopping and get yourself some amazing clothes that you feel good in. Don’t focus on the cellulite on your freaking legs, no one cares. Buy those awesome pants anyway and rock those!
  • Go to the gym! YEP! JUST GO! Get in the car and drive the 5-10 minutes to sign up. Stop making excuses about not joining. “They don’t have enough water fountains.” “I didn’t like the salesman.” “It smelled funny.” REALLY? Drop the excuses and make it happen. Don’t find a way OUT! Find a way IN!

**Gather your SUPPORT TEAM! You should have those around you that love you and want you to succeed in reaching your dreams. These are your people! Recruit them by sharing your WHY, take them with you to join the GYM, go shopping and everything else you need to get ready to conquer this year! If you don’t have a support team, we get that! Find one because while that sucks, it’s still no excuse. I am here, my business partner is here and we love helping and watching people succeed. Reach out to us and we will be those kick ass cheerleaders I mentioned earlier. Don’t ask for a cheer, but ask for the understanding and the hand holding you need to make this happen. We got this with you. Talk to us!



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